A poem describing an art collection: Hana no Universe


The Universe,

Where Infinity begins embracing the Milky Way, 

the rising sun, the storms and encounters within.   


The flowers, with their gifts of aromas and perfumes, 

their happy colors of life, of water, of air.


It was already like this when the Samurais celebrated the beauty of nature on the nights of Hanami ( festival in Japan)  the light and the Shadows, the being transmitted by the Helix.


Yuki, the snow is starting to Fall.


Paintings and Installations by Ursula Altenbach 

Inspired by Japanese art



Collections showcased at Exhibitions

2019 | Artistic Supervisor, coordinator and participant at “Kunst im Park” Gersau, 3 months outdoor art exhibition at the main park

2018 | Ikebana Installation with Sogetsu Study Group Zurich at Giardina, Zurich
2017 | Various - Art Fair, Basel & Art Talents Fair, Berne

2016 | Mountain Faces - Gallery Waldfee, Brunnen

2015 | Magic After All - Mumbai - India 

2013 | Hana no Universe  - Transatlantico Sao Paulo

2012 | Espaço Surreale  - Pupills  and new talents of Mube Atelier 

2012 | Mube  - ALunas da Ro Gonzalves  ​

2009 | Contrast and Emotions - Hilton  Sao Paulo